Best Basic Blackjack Strategy

Finding a winning Blackjack strategy can difficult, but this article lays out the best, most basic tips a player needs to know to start beating the house. And, for players who want to exceed and earn bigger payouts, more advanced systems are explained as well. Depending on the amount of decks a game is played with, whether the dealer stays on soft 17 and which Blackjack strategy a player chooses to utilize, the decision to stand or hit, bet high or low or simply exit the game will vary. Not to worry though, because with a little guidance and some practice, anyone can use these tips and systems to start winning at Blackjack.

The Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart below can be used as an outline as to when to stand or hit. There are two scenarios, one of which maps out the best choices when playing against a dealer that stands on a soft 17, and the other illustrates the course of action when playing against a dealer that hits on a soft 17. Choosing the correct chart to work with is crucial to achieving a beneficial outcome. In Blackjack, even the smallest of choices can have huge consequences, so it is important to understand the basic scenarios at the outset.

Best Basic Blackjack Strategies

The best basic Blackjack strategies will teach players a proper, intelligent approach to the game. Blackjack is all about a player using their mind to understand the type of situation they are in, take variables into account and capitalize on every detail possible. While the most basic Blackjack systems are valuable, explaining the most advantageous times to hit or stand, the more advanced systems listed below will increase profits and limit losses at a more intense rate. New players to the game, or those that do not quite feel as comfortable as they would like, should focus on learning the basics first. Players that know the basics and would like to exceed them should skip to the more advanced systems, as they will provide the best winning tips for bigger payouts.

Martingale Blackjack Strategy

The Martingale Blackjack Strategy, though a somewhat simple approach, was designed to make sure that a player always leaves the table a winner. It might be one of the best tips for beginners though, because the only thing players have to remember is to double their bet after every losing hand. It is important to remember that this strategy will only be successful when the table pays out even money or better.

The idea behind the Martingale Blackjack system is to start off betting low, typically at the table minimum, and double the bet if the hand loses. However, if the hand wins, the strategy restarts and players once again bet the table minimum. By doubling the bet of a losing hand, players ensure that when they do win a hand, they will not only regain the chips lost in the previous hand, but will also gain more chips and come out on top. Doubling the previous bet until a winning hand occurs will guarantee a player leaves the table a winner, even if they only win one hand.

This sounds foolproof, and it almost is, but it is important to remember that in order to correctly implement this strategy, a player must possess and be willing to bet the amount of money necessary to cover the previous losing bet twice over. That means if a player ever runs into a losing streak, doubling the bet for every hand could end up being quite a bit of money. And, making this even riskier to players who are not paying attention, many casinos and gambling houses are deterring this strategy by implementing table maximums. So, if you are using this strategy and the amount of the necessary bet grows to more than the table maximum, the strategy cannot be employed correctly. Players should keep their eyes open, pay attention to the table limits and employ this basic strategy only at the proper times to see the best results.

Golden Eagle Blackjack Strategy

The Golden Eagle Blackjack strategy adds an intelligent betting sequence to the game, and can also be played one of two ways, making it a versatile system as well. The two ways the Blackjack strategy can be employed are offensively and defensively. The two variations should be mixed together during play, offensively attacking when a winning streak arrives in order to maximize payouts and winnings, and defensively holding back during losing streaks to regain and minimize losses.

If a player encounters a winning streak, it should be recognized and taken advantage of immediately. The Golden Eagle Blackjack strategy provides the best tips for understanding a winning streak, what a winning streak means to the player and how to capitalize on it in order to reap the most benefits possible.

The Golden Eagle Blackjack strategy will not fail a player if they are not winning though, because it also provides tips as to how to identify and even take advantage of a losing streak. Patterns appear in Blackjack games constantly, and if a player can recognize these patterns, especially when they go into a losing streak, they can minimize losses and prepare for big gains when another winning streak comes along.

Silver Tiger Blackjack Strategy

The Silver Tiger Blackjack strategy is an even more aggressive system than the Golden Eagle, because it was designed to garner profits at an even faster rate of pace. The system has its own betting sequence, unique from the other strategies, as well as customized placement instructions. Also unique to this intense system is a simplified exit strategy, a key component to holding on to big wins as soon as they are achieved. It should be obvious, but because this system is so aggressive, and the payouts can be so large when it is employed correctly, the losses can also be hefty. But, if you’re a high roller and can take the heat, you’ll see big benefits by consistently using the Silver Tiger Blackjack strategy, because it can easily provide the biggest winning bets and payouts.

For comfortable players, the system will most likely take an hour or two to learn and get comfortable with. But, after the initial learning curve, players using this Blackjack Strategy can have fun, earn big payouts and exit the game holding on to a nice stack of chips.

Whatever strategy players choose to utilize, it is important they do it properly. It will be easy to tell though, because they’ll be walking away from the table a winner, with a smile on their face and chips in their pocket.